Leadership & Management Courses

Leadership & Management Courses Our online leadership and management courses include interactive training for current and future leaders and managers – all delivered via e-learning. The workplace leadership training that you can receive includes courses in Talent Management, Fostering Teamwork, Having Difficult Conversations with Staff, Communicating Effectively with Employees, Time Management Skills and much more. We have some of the best management e-learning course options to help you progress your own career or to develop the skills of your business leaders. Browse our online course lists to learn more. Popular Courses Coaching Skills The Coaching course will help your business to adopt really useful processes that you can all learn quickly with these e-learning modules Onboarding New Employees Help for managers to get new employees get up to speed by understanding what they must do and achieve to become fully integrated. Equality & Diversity People are often wary of these issues for fear they may do or say something wrong. This course helps to make things clearer. Strategic Leadership Setting values, strategic directions, and performance expectations that increase staff satisfaction and company profitability. Health & Safety for Managers As all employers are responsible for health and safety in the workplace in accordance with law, this course is essential. Constructive Performance Reviews The videos that form the core of this course are beautifully produced, professionally acted. Additional advice from HR expert Judith Elliott. More Leadership & Management Training Courses Course Names Starting A to L Price: Act Smart £6 Bud to Boss £80 Building for the Future 70 20 10 Career Development Toolkit £35 Business Writing £32 Chair in Control...

Sales & Communication Courses

Sales & Communication Courses Our online sales and communication courses include interactive training in customer service, selling / account management, and interpersonal skills for business – all delivered via e-learning. Many mistakenly believe that you are a born seller or you’re not. In fact, the best sales people take their craft seriously, practise proven techniques and learn from those with more experience. Many benefit from online sales training to gain an edge. Similarly, customer service training and building effective internal or external business relationships can help take a professional from good to great. We have a wide range of sales e-learning and online communication training courses to help your career or develop your staff. Popular Courses Negotiation Skills Good negotiation aimed at win-win relationships results in more benefits for both sides. The process is fun once you get the hang of it! Anger Management - Keep Your Cool A useful American-developed course looking at the causes of anger, and strategies to control it when things get tense. Selling & Overcoming Objections Connect your products and services to customer needs. Learn powerful skills to show customers how they can best use your products. Healthy Communications Learn about productive communication throughout an organisation. Useful for both your professional and personal life. Complaints Handling This course covers how we record complaints and compliments, processes to follow, and how businesses can learn from them. Presentation Skills An abridged collection of 14 video e-learning modules to help you make compelling presentations in business, and reap the benefits. More Sales & Communication Training Course Names Starting A to M Price: Act Smart £6 Assert Yourself...

Anti-Social Behaviour for General Employees

Anti Social Behaviour for General Employees: This e-learning course has been designed to give guidance to employees and contractors on recognising anti-social behaviour and what to do to control it. By completing or passing this course, you will attain a Learning Light Certificate

Complaints Handling

This course looks at how we record complaints and compliments, what processes to follow, and how we (as a business) learn from them.

This online training from e-Learning WMB uses the e-learning meets corporate video approach with video presenters in virtual 3D worlds.  It is customisable in the Cloud for orders totaling over 100 licences of any course.

Managing Your Professional Digital Profile

Digital and social media blurs the lines between private and professional lives. As a result, organisations are at risk from financial, reputational and criminal damage caused by ill-trained employees in what is and isn’t acceptable to put into the public domain via digital communications.

Two Ears one Mouth (Listening Skills)

In our fast-paced world we may not believe there’s time to listen. But listening effectively can save a lot of wasted time. Try this topic to find out the listening mistakes you make and how to put them right. This Ready to Go Fundamentals topic will help you…

Tug of War (Change Management)

‘Some people will never change…‘ but don’t feel defeated. Where there’s change there will always be resistance to it but ‘I evolve very slowly’ doesn’t always mean what it says. Take this topic to find out. This Ready to Go Fundamentals topic will help you…

Sway this Way (Persuasion Skills)

Want to bring one or more people around to your way of thinking? Take this topic to learn how to do the ground work and pick your moment. This Ready to Go Fundamentals topic will help you: Explain why being a good influencer is a positive skill (WHY)

Strength Far and Wide – Virtual Team Training

Want to increase the effectiveness of your virtual team? This topic will help you to close the miles between you and beat the barriers that difference in language, time and culture can pose. This Ready to Go Fundamentals topic will help you. Describe the benefits of a virtual team to both the employer and team member