Complaints Handling

This course looks at how we record complaints and compliments, what processes to follow, and how we (as a business) learn from them.

This online training from e-Learning WMB uses the e-learning meets corporate video approach with video presenters in virtual 3D worlds.  It is customisable in the Cloud for orders totaling over 100 licences of any course.

Two Ears one Mouth (Listening Skills)

In our fast-paced world we may not believe there’s time to listen. But listening effectively can save a lot of wasted time. Try this topic to find out the listening mistakes you make and how to put them right. This Ready to Go Fundamentals topic will help you…

Tug of War (Change Management)

‘Some people will never change…‘ but don’t feel defeated. Where there’s change there will always be resistance to it but ‘I evolve very slowly’ doesn’t always mean what it says. Take this topic to find out. This Ready to Go Fundamentals topic will help you…

Sway this Way (Persuasion Skills)

Want to bring one or more people around to your way of thinking? Take this topic to learn how to do the ground work and pick your moment. This Ready to Go Fundamentals topic will help you: Explain why being a good influencer is a positive skill (WHY)

Perfect Prep – Presentation Preparation Course

PERFECT your preparation before your presentation. Is everything covered? Do you know your content? Have you considered your audience? This topic points out everything you can do to ensure the success of your presentation before you even stand up to say those first words.

On the Edge of their Seat – Presentation Skills Course

You know the content of your presentation is great so you don’t want your delivery to let you down. Audiences can be unpredictable and demanding so it’s crucial to keep them on side. This topic explores how to gain and sustain their interest. This Ready to Go Fundamentals topic will help you:

Minutes Matter

The art behind meaningful minutes. Minutes, an integral part of every meeting, need not be a chore. Well-executed minutes can save time, effort and prevent oversights or duplication. Discover the simple rules of capturing and issuing effective minutes in this short topic.

It’s What You Don’t Say (Non-Verbal Communication)

It’s what you don’t say: The way we move our body and the way we say things adds meaning and emphasis to the words we speak. Want to tap into the power of non-verbal communication? This Ready to Go Fundamentals topic will help you: Identify the different types of non-verbal communication

I Prefer the Carrot – Team Motivation Course

Not getting the best from your team? Try this topic and take a different look at workplace needs and motivation. This Ready to Go Fundamentals topic will help you: Describe why motivation is important for life. Explain how reward and recognition motivates individuals and teams..