e-Learning Market Intelligence

We regularly gather e-learning market intelligence, including monitoring both corporate and public sector procurement trends across Europe and worldwide. We do this to keep informed of the latest best practices and to ensure our advice up to date.

We use the data gathered to value the market sizes and identify trends and patterns of adoption for e-learning and learning technology across the UK, Europe-wide and globally. Much of this information is used in our UK and EU e-learning market report.

We also provide expert e-learning consultancy services for sourcing and winning new opportunities.

To do this Learning Light operates a Tender Information service, as is illustrated below.

If you would like access to the Learning Light Tender Information Service, with its unique Sub Threshold opportunities feed, and tender search engine, get in touch with david.patterson@learninglight.com – it is surprisingly good value at only £250 per annum, and allows you to configure your search by CPV (Common Procurement Vocabulary) and Keyword. In 2009, there were over £40 million of opportunities in the UK alone related to e-learning and learning technologies.

Finally, a word of advice don’t be put off by the title of the opportunity – learning and training is often bundled into many different, wider projects!