Moodle – advice

Moodle is a very hot topic at present, indeed in our 2009 research report we predicted great things for Moodle in the corporate market, and judging by the level of interest this prediction was particularly prescient!

In this section we have collected (and will continue to add) a selection of materials you may find useful.

We have produced a short paper arguing that Moodle is very effective when seen as an LMS in a box, and an excellent starting point for organisations looking for a Tactical and Practical place to launch an e-learning project, particularly when looking for a compliance led or induction led programme.

A second paper gives our views on how you should go about delivering a Moodle installation, what role should IT play and how important it is to have a “Throat to Choke”. Perhaps you should read our article on DIY or BUYING in Moodle expertise.

One of the worlds greatest learning resources YouTube offers several interesting presentations on Moodle – one of our favourites uses Lego as its metaphor. There are abundant presentations about using Moodle in education, but fewer for the corporate market, so getting some good advice is important in our view.