Moodle an LMS in a box?

LMS ‘In a Box’

The time has never been more right for the Open Source ‘Moodle,

LMS ‘In a Box ‘solution’ for many organisations looking for that tactical and practical solution to a pressing learning need, and here’s why……

Yes, complex specifications can be designed when it comes to procuring an LMS but sometimes the solution that is needed, is needed now.

Costly drawn out projects involving existing system integration and learner hierarchies are all well and good when appropriate but, when a burning business need stares you in the face an affordable, risk free fix is a good option.

A couple of burning business issues that impact on all businesses spring to mind, INDUCTION and COMPLIANCE. Not the kind of issues to be ignored when you look at the statistics.


Let’s take INDUCTION first:

It was way back in 2004 that research from Reed Consulting told us that 1 in 25 people walk away from their new job because they never received an induction into the company and never felt effectively brought onboard.

Further research from Oracle told us that 90% of new employees decide within the first 6 months whether to leave a new job.

It’s a costly business if a new employee leaves in such a short time.

So how can so many companies be so bad at this, delivering instructor led induction courses and failing miserably to make their new employees welcome and secure in the fact that they know explicitly what is expected of them. Not to mention of course what the new employee expected of their new employer. I’m sure we all know of instances when induction either never happens or happens far too late to be effective.

Secondly, COMPLIANCE, minimising risk and avoiding litigation, this can be crucial even for small businesses. I am sure the Financial Services Sector can report a few horror stories about the dark days of non adherence to legislative standards and procedures. It is imperative that companies operate in a compliant manner. Employees must demonstrate competency and understanding of legislative issues.


How can you protect your business?

Compliance training must be tracked and learner knowledge tested and updated regularly.

I am sure there are many other issues that challenge business today, but here we highlight two burning business issues that demand a timely and robust solution.

This is where an LMS ‘In a Box’ solution comes to the rescue and quite often is all that is needed, fitting nicely into the void, delivering the needed results without the costly implementation of a complex project.

An Open Source ‘Moodle’ LMS ‘In a Box’ solution is affordable and built quickly to capture burning business need (without any of the frills you might just use one day in the future).

With the core functions:

Course Management

Licence Management – no individual user licence costs but one an annual subscription fee

User Management –you can pay an annual fixed fee for vendor to do it for you or do it yourself.

Additional Modules such as Certification, Reporting, Training Booking, Assignment and Assessment, Email notification, can be added as and when you want them.

The LMS ‘In a Box’ solution is an ‘Out of the Box’ ‘Flat Pack’ risk free and low cost solution.

User generated or third party content can be uploaded and delivered,

Just in Time, ensuring new employees feel that TLC they need when joining a new company and your business can be seen to be compliant and risk free.

Take a look at what it can do for you, look after the pennies but don’t leave your company short of what it needs.