Procuring elearning

Consultancy for procuring Learning technologies, elearning content and elearning courseware.

Knowing how to procure e-learning is a major challenge to many organisations, as there are many factors to consider.

The Learning Platform, do I need an LMS (Learning Management System), a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) a (TMS) Training Management System or indeed a LCMS (Learning Content Management System)?

There are numerous solutions and our research indicates that there are more than 400 offers in the market, with more arriving on the market every week.

If you need to procure a Learning Management Systems, and we would be really happy to talk to you about what you need, and see how we can help you succeed.

You can learn more and see our videos on procuring an LMS and we have helped many organisations procure LMS’s and other learning platforms since 2005, and we have rock solid approach as how to succeed.

What about the e-learning content, do I need APPs for mobile learning? What about SCORM? What is tin Can

Our approach can really help you get the best solution and best value for money for your organisation, and LMS can be notionally open source and cost nothing, or it can be a major investment of many thousand pounds.

Knowing the right questions to ask, and having the right approach to procurement of Learning Technologies and e-learning can really make a difference.

If you would like our help with procuring elearning, please don’t hesitate to contact us.