Assertive Verbal Skills (extended version)

assertive verbal skillsThese 8 e-learning videos look at using Assertive Verbal Skills.

Assertion training was one of those hot topics back in the 60’s and 70’s that focused on soft skills, on personal productivity, on how we communicate with each other. It was a great topic, but somehow fell to the wayside in this modern era of having to put everything directly on the bottom line. We somehow lost interest in how we deal with each other, and now focus more on strictly business issues. But you know what? Assertion training is still an excellent way to raise your productivity in dealing with others.

  •      Assertive Verbal Skills, Getting Started
  •      Developing Assertiveness
  •      Dealing with Manipulation
  •      Assertive Communication Techniques
  •      Your Assertive Rights
  •      Manipulation in business
  •      Identifying Manipulators
  •      Dealing with Feelings

Our view….very good indeed if that is what you need….the courses are all recently updated and really put this important skill back on the map.

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