Conducting Appraisals

conducting appraisalsCourse Overview

By taking this course you will gain skills and knowledge on how to conduct appraisals professionally and effectively.

At the end of the course, trainees will be able to:

» Identify the action required to prepare for an appraisal, including selecting an appropriate and conducive environment.

» Recognise the importance of making time for appraisals

» Correctly conduct an appraisal, identifying strengths, potential areas for improvement and appropriate training and development opportunities.

» Recognise the importance of setting goals, including seeking agreement.

» Take appropriate action after an appraisal in line with your organisation’s needs.

Our view… This is an engaging 40-45 minute course. It teaches you about how to conduct appraisals – how to identify the need for an appraisal, how to conduct that appraisal, and how to deal with the outcomes of an appraisal. Ideal for anyone who wants to improve and strengthen their organisation.

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ROSPA Approved Training Course

This training course is approved by ROSPA – The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.