DISC Selling

disc sellingThese 4 e-learning videos – DISC Selling lasting over 33 minutes and covers the role DISC can play in selling.

When you are dealing with people who are making decisions, you need to understand their value set and their value set varies by personality type.

The goal of the program is to make you a better seller which means you are going to be more successful.

Unless you are familiar with DISC we strongly advise you study the DISC – Introduction and Styles e-learning course we offer.

• Selling the High D
• Selling the High I
• Selling the High S
• Selling the High C

Wikipedia defines DISC as follows: “DISC assessment is a personality assessment tool based on the DISC personality theory of psychologist William Marston. Marston’s theory centres around four different personality traits: Dominance, Inducement, Submission, and Compliance. This theory was then developed into a personality assessment tool (personality profile test) by industrial psychologist Walter Vernon Clarke.

Our view….These e-learning videos advise as to how best communicate and sell with the differing DISC personality styles of individuals that will make up your organisation or your customers and as such are very well researched and produced.

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