Driving Safety (Europe)

driving-safety-europeCourse Overview

This course will make the trainee appreciate the benefits of preparing for their journey ensuring the vehicle is checked regularly and how using a common sense approach along the journey will help them reach their destination safely.

At the end of the course, trainees will be able to:

» Recognise how time pressure and work schedule can effect driving

» Understand which factors can affect the journey, such as speed and distractions

» Be aware of vehicle security and vehicle condition

» Develop an insight into the possible hazards that should be avoided whilst driving; stress, mobile phones, medical conditions, motorcycles and cyclists

» Recognise which factors to look out for whilst on a journey, such as, keeping your distance, bad weather, vehicle dynamics and skidding.

Our view… This is an entertaining and professional course which lasts for 25-30 minutes. It teaches you about driving safety, relevant to driving in Europe, by using a comic strip which follows the character’s business trip.

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ROSPA Approved Training Course

This training course is approved by ROSPA – The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.