Emotional Intelligence

emotional intelligenceThese 7 e-learning videos (plus the Related Programs trailer) lasting over 1 hour and 13 minutes and covers Emotional Intelligence.

In this program we will introduce the idea of emotions and how they fit in. We will better understand emotions and how to be more productive.

This program is also designed to give you an overview of DISC and how you can use DISC to further your emotional intelligence, your EIQ. DISC helps you better understand yourself, so you can better understand and relate to other people. That ties directly into what you already know about EIQ.

• Introduction
• Developing Emotional Self-Awareness
• Developing Emotional Self-Management
• Developing Emotional Social-Awareness
• Building Strong Relationships
• Inspiring Emotions in others
• Emotional IQ and DISC
• Related Programs for Improving E-IQ

Our view……Emotional intelligence is of growing importance to any organisation that is seeking to improve the performance or its employees. This material is very good with a high level of subject matter expertise designed into the materials. It forms a useful addition to DISC as well. All in all very good indeed focusing on the individual and the impact we can all have.

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