Ethics for Managers

ethics-for-managersThese 4 e-learning videos lasting over 49 minutes cover Ethics for Managers and Ethics for Everyone. 

Are traditional approaches to ethics working? In this course three traditional forms of ethics are evaluated. Understand how there are applied and learn about the flaws of each.

Ethics in the organization is essential to retaining customers, employees and confidence. Watch this course to see how personal ethical behaviors impact the work environment.

Controlling Employee Behavior begins within. It cannot be imposed with policies or audits. Watch this course to understand the best basics to control your organization’s environment.

Ethics begins from the top and works down. What are some ethical elements that cannot be ignored?

• Why Traditional Approaches Don’t Work
• Controlling Employee Behaviour
• Leadership To Dos
• Ethics for Everyone

Our view….part of the excellent supervision series (with the exception of ethics for everyone that is) This is one of our favourite set of e-learning courses and one that will have a fantastic impact in any organisation dedicated to improving leadership and management and addressing ethics in the workplace is valuable at all levels, this content will really support employees who are managing and supervising.

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