Finance for Non-Financial Employees Financial Ratios & Managing Inventory

These 2 modules in the Business Skills bundle for non-financial accounting gives a brief introduction to financial ratios and managing inventory. The 5 videos in these two modules (each with a short quiz and supporting coursework sheets to download) will support non-financial employees to improve their understanding of ratios and managing inventory.

Financial Ratios

  • Net Investment Ratios (4:26)
  • Revenue Ratios (2:04)
  • Cost of Goods Sold (2:34)
  • Margin (1:47)

Managing Inventory

  • Managing Inventory (3:10)


Finance for Non-Financial Employees Series

No finance background? No problem. We created this 34-part series of short videos to summarize business finance and accounting for any layperson. We take you through relevant finance topics like income statements, budgeting and even common accounting terms, just to name a few. Plus we do it in a fun way that doesn’t talk over your head, confuse you or put you to sleep.Our view…….A punchy and visually engaging series of modules to introduce complex and daunting concepts and principles for those unfamiliar with terminology or using financial systems infrequently. The valuable chapters in these modules explain with graphics and down to earth examples and language in just a few minutes these systems.Recommended with Principles of Accounting in this series.


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