From Form to Perform

form to performThe four stages of team development.

First there’s the getting to know you when everyone is on their best behaviour. But this is just the calm before the storm… Discover the characteristics of a typical team as they learn to work together – and find out what it takes for a team to excel.

This Ready to Go Fundamentals topic will help you:

State all the stages of team development

Describe the characteristics of a forming team

Explain the challenges a storming team may face and why these can lead to failure of the team

Explain the advantages of a team that reaches the norming stage

Describe the characteristics of a performing team and why these teams succeed

Describe why some teams experience an adjourning stage

Our view… This fun, interactive course teaches you all about teamwork: forming a team, working well as a team, and how to achieve excellent results. All for just £6!

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