Freedom of Information

freedom of informationThis e-learning course gives an overview of the Freedom of Information Act including what the act is all about, how it is implemented in the workplace and what controls apply. Most importantly it lets you know how Freedom of Information relates to your organisation and your workplace and costs £30.00 for 1 learner.

This e-learning course is suitable for the NHS. It is also appropriate to all Public Sector bodies including Education, Councils and Local Government, Police, Fire and National Government and costs £30.00 per learner.

Having completed this  course, learners will be able to understand and explain why Freedom of information is important, who is responsible for the Act, explain the main areas of legislation and regulation, and how to promote best practice. Learners will be fully aware of the importance and means of safeguarding patient-identifiable information.

Our view….essential learning for the NHS and Public sector that is clear concise and provides real detail.

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