Green Business Ideas Using Fewer Resources

green business fewer resourcesIn this e-learning module you will learn how to use our finite resources more sustainably and spark ideas for green products and service Using Fewer Resources.

One of the biggest challenges we face globally today is how we use the earth’s finite resources more sustainably in business, products and services. We’ve all heard that some of our natural resources such as certain minerals and fossil fuels are running out. Add to this to the increased demand and competition for resources and the law of supply and demand tells us that prices are going to continue to rise. This has a financial impact on businesses and also puts pressure on sensitive environmental areas as extracting resources becomes more economically viable.
Did you know that if everyone in the world consumed natural resources and generated carbon dioxide at the rate that Europeans do then we’d need three planet Earths, or five if we all lived like Americans.

This is obviously unsustainable and we need to change things. Part of being an entrepreneur is realising that change means opportunity and being involved in the green economy means you have the chance to be there at the start of the change.

This course looks at these changes and highlights innovative approaches to using our finite resources more sustainably resulting in lower costs and preserving resources for future generations.

By the end of the course you should understand the challenges resulting from our use of resources, be aware of innovative solutions that address the problems and have identified ideas for new green products and services which use fewer, more sustainable resources.

Our view….simple but hugely informative e-learning materials, supporting you to learn.

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