Green Business Opportunities

green business opportunitiesIn the Green Business Opportunities e-learning course we’ll demonstrate why the green economy is a fantastic place to start your own business.

By the end of the course you’ll understand how the green economy has grown so quickly, how it will continue to grow in the future and what’s driving this growth. You’ll also have plenty of ideas for green products and services that you can continue to develop as you work your way through the series.

What does the course cover?
As well as helping you to spark ideas for new, eco-friendly products or services the course also introduces you to the key concepts of the green economy and covers the following areas:

The environmental context and challenges
The size and potential growth of the green economy
The government, business and consumer demands driving the growth
How you can tailor your business enterprise to fulfil these demands
The labour market and the future of work and business
Why being in the green economy provides real job satisfaction
Where does this course fit in the ‘Ideas’ series?

We’ve designed the Ecoskill ‘Ideas’ series so that you can choose to take all or just a selection of the courses, depending upon your needs. If you are planning to take all the courses in the series, then we recommend you take this one first.

What do I need to know before starting the course?

You’ll need to set aside roughly two hours of study time to complete the course, plus a further two hours to carry out your guided learning.

Our view….simple but hugely informative e-learning materials, supporting you to learn.

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This course costs £69.00 and is available for 90 days