Health and Safety at Work for Employees

health and safety at workHealth and safety in the workplace is relevant to all branches of industry – from offices and schools, to leisure facilities and oil rigs. This course pulls together the vital elements of health and safety, including some of the key terminology you should be aware of, and the importance of tackling ‘near misses’ within the workplace.

We will also test your knowledge of workplace hazards with an interactive scene, and show you how to incorporate what you’ve learnt into a simple risk assessment.

Approximate duration: 45 minutes.

This is a course from Oilennium which costs £35.

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For individual purchases, there is a £15 set-up fee. If you would like to buy this course for use on your LMS there is no set-up fee provided that you buy 10 or more licenses.

For an enterprise license please contact us and there will be no set-up fee.