Healthy Communications

healthy communicationsThese 9 e-learning videos lasting over 59 minutes covers Healthy Communication in the workplace.

It’s good to create healthy and productive communication throughout the organization. And you know what’s interesting about this topic? It’s not only useful professionally, but you’re going to find it extremely valuable in your personal life. It’s good for both.

• How We Recognize Each other

• Personal Tapes

• Hired to Win

• Everyone’s OK

• PAC Analysis

• Games Workers Play

• The OK Worker

• How Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

• Putdown Offenders

Our view….some eclectic and interesting e-learning modules make up this course set. If the office culture could do with a polish, this is a good place to look. You will find some very detailed materials in the PAC analysis e-learning module….PAC: Parent, Adult, Child.

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