Key Account Sales Call Planning

key accountThese 5 e-learning videos lasting over just over 38 minutes deal with Key Account Sales Call Planning.

Successful key account sales means executing a series of successful sales calls over time on multiple buyer roles. This program introduces the Sales Call Worksheet, which is designed to help you identify a call goal and develop content for sales calls. The worksheet is a general purpose planning tool that can be used for every call you make. Its use is also a requirement for all the programs in this Call Planning section.

• Sales Call Planning Worksheet
• Improving Sales with the “Sales Cycle”
• Setting Sales Call Goals
• The 5-Minute Call Pre-Brief
• The 5-Minute Call De-Brief

Our View…..These e-learning videos give a really solid basis to the sophisticated skills needed to succeed as a Key Account sales person. We can learn a lot from the Americans when it comes to sales, and this gives third e-learning course on Key Account Sales Call Planning gives a good perspective and will provide a solid grounding for Key Account Managers.

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