Key Account Sales Call Techniques

key account salesThese 6 e-learning videos lasting over 1 hour and thirty seven minutes covers Key Account Sales Call Techniques.

Every sales call needs to “get off on the right foot.” For some customers, that may mean a period of rapport-building before the call starts. For others, it may mean getting down to business right away and perhaps chatting at the end of the call. This program helps you determine how to begin a Key Account sales call, and teaches a transition and “hook” technique that smoothly gets you into the needs determination portion of the call and generates interest in your solution.

• Opening the Call
• Finding Unmet Needs
• Summary/Checkpoint
• Selling Benefits
• Handling Objections
• No Push® Closing

Our View…..These e-learning videos give a really solid basis to the sophisticated skills needed to succeed as a Key Account sales person by looking at the sales cycle, work sheets and techniques and the trademarked “no push” method of closing the sale. We can learn a lot from the Americans when it comes to sales, and this gives a good perspective and will provide a solid grounding for Key Accounts selling.

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