Key Account Selling

key account selling

These e-learning videos last over 1 hour and cover the basics of Key Account Selling.

Selling to Key Accounts requires a different level of sophistication than selling up and down the street. The sales cycle is longer, the number of decision makers—each with their own needs and perspectives on your business—is greater, and the stakes are higher. Use this course to understand the complex selling skills and sales tactics.

• Introduction to Key Account Selling
• How to Sell More
• Creating a GREAT Sales Company
• Value-Added Selling
• Lifetime Customer Value
• What Customers Want from Salespeople: No Push Selling

Our View….the first course in the Key Account Series These e-learning videos give a really solid introduction to the sophisticated skills needed to succeed as a Key Account sales person and you can move onto other modules looking at the sales cycle, work sheets and techniques and the trademarked “no push” method of closing the sale. We can learn a lot from the Americans when it comes to sales, and this gives a good perspective and will provide a solid grounding for Key accounts selling.

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