Leadership 70 20 10 Engagement and Retention

Leadership 70 20 10 Engagement and Retention

Leadership 70 20 10 Engagement and Retention Toolkit Dimensions using e-learning videos and downloadable materials

In these 5 modules you will look at the competencies needed to support leaders to communicate effectively, lead and inspire others, and create an environment of excellence.

  • Identify all possible outcomes before implementing a decision
  • Inform and inspire your employees regarding the team’s vision
  • Ask a leader to discuss the company’s upcoming strategy and changes with your team
  • Perform a top talent review to determine what you need to do to keep your top talent
  • Identify what is required to create a work situation that will cause each employee to stay

Our view…what can we say other than very useful learning materials, again practical and with purpose to improving the most common areas impacting employee engagement and retention. Remember, Research shows that 70 to 80% of development happens on-the-job.

The Engagement and Retention modules include a mix of actions for individuals and managers to improve engagement and retention with strategic, leadership and practical work environment actions.

Our Engagement and Retention Toolkit Dimensions contains learning content for 17 of the most common areas for improvement.


The e-learning videos will be available for 1 learner for 90 days from date of purchase and costs only £25.00