Leadership Skills

leadership skillsCourse Overview

By taking this course you will be able to take appropriate action to lead others more effectively. At the end of the course, trainees will be able to:

» Define and identify the main benefits of effective leadership

» Appreciate the purpose of leadership and recognise the qualities of a good leader

» Identify your own strengths and weaknesses when leading others

» Distinguish between different leadership styles

» Recognise the key points of the behavioural-continuum model

Our view… This is an engaging 40-45 minute interactive course. It teaches you about leadership – what leadership is, the various theories about leadership, and how to become a good leader. For anyone who wants to learn how to lead other effectively, or just improve their leadership skills, this is an extremely valuable course.

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ROSPA Approved Training Course

This training course is approved by ROSPA – The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.