Lone Working in Healthcare

lone working in healthcareThis e-learning course explains how to take steps to reduce personal safety risks when lone working and to improve your confidence when dealing with conflict and customer aggression.

Everyday thousands of people working in the healthcare sector will be exposed to situations where they are left alone with patients or other members of the public.

This is an integral part of working in a caring profession as doctors, physiotherapists, health visitors, outreach workers and many others meet people who need help and often depend on a one-to-one consultation. In addition, people such as researchers, laboratory technicians, administration staff and receptionists have roles that take them away from their colleagues for significant periods.

All employees who have to work alone, particularly those who have to visit customers or service users in their own home. This course is designed for those who are experienced at working alone as well as those who are new to it.

Having completed the course you should know:

  • what lone working is, and why it is an issue worth finding out about
  • what responsibilities your employer has to you, and what responsibilities you have too
  • the basic process of how people’s roles are assessed to see what potential risks exist from lone working
  • some of the key questions you can ask yourself in order to assess your own situation each time you work alone
  • how to act and what precautions to take in order to reduce the risks of lone working

After completing the e-learning course participants feel more in control, safe and confident to deal with working alone and managing conflict. This e-learning course forms a major building block in the ‘Duty of Care’ employers should practice to ensure staff stay safe.

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