Making It Happen – Getting Things Done

making it happenThese 12 e-learning videos (plus using ej4 to lead) lasting over 1 hour and 11 minutes look at a making it happen – getting things done in the context of a Framework for Execution and Better Practices, including Knowledge Transfer.

• Using ej4 to Lead
• The Failure to Execute
• Reasons for Poor Execution
• The Current Situation
• A Framework for Execution
• Understanding Better Practices
• The Knowledge Transfer Process
• Getting Started
• Leading Knowledge Transfer
• Getting Started
• Leading Knowledge Transfer

Our view… interesting and eclectic series of e-learning modules that asks some searching questions about the organisation and gives some very practical advice around the “importance of execution”. So if you find yourself and your organisation beset with frustrations as “It” just doesn’t happen take a look at these e-learning modules. The second component of these e-learning modules is equally interesting, addressing the very timely topic of Knowledge Transfer. This looks at the “Learning Organisation” and the Knowledge Transfer process with some very timely advice which is “just enough” and “just right” to set you off in with the correct mind-set to make “It” happen.

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