Managing Capability

managing capabilityThis e-learning course is aimed at managers with the responsibility for managing capability situations and costs £30.00.

This e-learning course provides learners with the knowledge and skills required to tackle performance problems effectively, as well as prepare and conduct a formal capability meeting.

Having the skill-set and competence to manage poor employee performance is an essential capability of any manager who wants to maximise individual and team performance.

On completion of this Virtual College course learners will be able to:

  • Identify the purpose and benefits of capability management
  • Recognise the main features of the organisation capability procedure
  • Know how to put the procedure into practice
  • Improve communication skills and remain fair and consistent with all staff
  • Appreciate the importance of preventive action
  • Tackle performance problems effectively
  • Practice questioning and interviewing techniques
  • Learn how to set clear objectives
  • Prepare and conduct a formal capability meeting

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