Managing Learning and Development

managing-learningThis e-learning course is aimed at managers with the responsibility for managing  learning and development of  individuals or teams and costs £30.00

Investment in learning and development can, amongst other things improve quality, customer service, effective management, accident rate and turnover of staff. This in turn will lead to enhanced profit.

As a result, this module has been designed to provide learners with the knowledge and skills required to manage learning and development. On completion, learners will understand the importance of learning and development and be able to create personal development plans.

On completion of this Virtual College course learners will:

  • Describe the importance of Learning and Development in your role as a manager
  • Explain how Learning is a motivator for employees
  • Describe the different ways that people learn
  • Use the Development Planning Process in your role as a line manager
  • Create Personal Development Plans
  • Apply your knowledge of goal setting to establish effective goals
  • Describe the value of feedback in Learning and Development
  • Select from a range of development options to help yourself and your employees grow and develop
  • Evaluate the costs and benefits of Training, Learning and Development

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