Managing Performance Reviews

managing-performanceThis e-learning course is aimed at managers with the responsibility for managing performance reviews of an individual or team and costs £30.00.

Performance Reviews are an important part of running an effective business and have a number of benefits. For example; they establish individual training needs, enable individuals to develop, motivate and engage employees and empower relationships between managers and employees.

This e-learning course has been developed to provide learners with an understanding of why performance reviews are important and how to manage effective performance review meetings. On completion, learners will be able to delivering effective performance feedback and set clear and effective development goals.

On completion of this  course

  • Describe why performance reviews are important
  • Explain what performance reviews are
  • Demonstrate how to set clear, effective goals and objectives
  • Use a coaching approach to set goals and review performance
  • Complete effective planning and preparation for a performance review
  • Manage an effective performance review meeting
  • Apply the lessons of preparing and delivering effective performance feedback
  • Identify development goals with an employee
  • Apply the guidelines of preparing for your own performance review

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