Managing Sickness and Absence

managing sicknessThis e-learning course is aimed at managers who have responsibility for managing sickness and absence and costs £30.00 for 1 learner.

Within the workplace, it is important that you, as a manager, are able to effectively manage employees who are unable to attend work for reasons of illness or injury. You must be able to deal with sickness absence fairly, by setting standards that enable you to meet the needs of all your employees. The development of effective processes will also help minimise disruptions caused by absences and will reduce the cost of sick pay and lost time within your organisation.

As a result, this course has been developed to provide learners with the knowledge and skills required to manage sickness absence. On completion, learners will understand how an absence should be notified, the recording and measuring process, short and long term absence principles, how to facilitate a return to work and the fundamentals of capability.

On completion of this, learners will be able to:

  • Describe the reasons for absence
  • Explain the process of managing absence
  • Describe the benefits of a sensitive approach to managing absence
  • Create a sickness and absence policy
  • Highlight the impact of absence on the workplace
  • Identify ways in which organisations can calculate the effect of absence
  • Describe the timescales and trigger points in managing absence
  • Consider issues which will impact on capability
  • Appreciate the value of recording and monitoring absence
  • Choose from a range of options for facilitating employees’ return to work.

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