Mentoring Course

mentoringThese 8 e-learning videos (plus using ej4 to lead) lasting over 1 hour and 10 minutes make up a great online Mentoring course.

What is it?  It’s a strategy for developing employees while saving an organization time and money. Watch this course to learn about what a mentor does.

If you ask most organizations if they are looking for a mentoring program, they’ll probably tell you No, because people don’t think of it as a formal strategy. Use this e-learning to understand more about why you can and should use such a program.


• Using ej4 to Lead

• What is Mentoring?
• Why a Mentoring Program?
• Creating a Mentoring Program
• Matching Proteges with Mentors
• Making a Mentoring Agreement
• How to be a Mentor
• How to be a Protégé
• Mentoring Meeting Guidelines

Our view...this is really useful e-learning addressing a talked about topic in a really interesting and engaging way. This e-learning course would be useful to any organisation that is seeking to introduce a mentoring approach to improve its people and its overall performance. Clear, concise and really informative and part of our overall e-learning series on leadership.

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