Microsoft Excel 2013 New Features Course

excel 2013 new features
Chapter 3 of the full Office 2013 course includes 10 videos with over 50 minutes of material which introduces the improved and new features specific to Excel 2013.

Microsoft Excel 2013 New Features

New Excel Templates     (03:43)

Sharing Excel Workbooks             (03:16)

Flash Fill               (03:01)

Recommended Pivot Tables       (02:54)

Recommended Charts   (02:58)

Chart Formatting Tools  (07:52)

Power View Reports      (10:02)

Quick Analysis   (02:17)

Social Sharing     (05:00)

Sharing Workbooks on the Web with the Excel Button   (09:54)

Our view…….A comprehensive set of videos for those experienced in Excel and upgrading to the 2013 to walk-through the new and improved features of just this programme. The video on Power View Reports is particularly valuable for intermediate users.

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