Microsoft Word 2013 New Features Course

microsoft word 2013Chapter 2 only of the full Office 2013 course includes 9 videos with over 50 minutes of material which introduces the improved and new features specific to Microsoft Word 2013 New Features.

Microsoft Word 2013 New Features      

New Word Templates    (04:42)

Read Mode with Zooming            (03:24)

Read Mode with Comments       (03:55)

Automatically Pick Up Where You Left Off            (03:26)

Enhanced Review Features         (06:02)

Importing Adobe PDF Files          (04:16)

Using Alignment Guides               (04:25)

Table Enhancements      (03:30)

Setting Word Options    (01:56)

Our view…….A handy set of videos for those experienced in Word and upgrading to the 2013 to walk-through the new and improved features of just this programme The video on Table enhancements and importing Adobe PDF files are particularly valuable for intermediate users.

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