Mistakes Leaders Make

mistakes-leaders-makeThis course of 4 e-learning videos (plus using ej4 to lead) lasting just three quarters of an hour offers training that highlights the Mistakes Leaders Make.

  • Using ej4 to Lead (15:59)
  • Eight Signs of a Dysfunction Organization (08:06)
  • Fixing the Dysfunction (09:58)
  • Six Wrong Ways to Manage (05:52)
  • Impedership (06:54)

Using ej4 to Lead
The goal of this e-learning module is to understand that to really change behaviours, the achieve business success, and to get value from your ej4 subscription, you’ve got to work it. What do you really need from ej4? Watch this e-learning module to find out!

Eight Signs of a Dysfunction Organization

Nobody wants to work for a dysfunctional organization. We all want to be a part of a healthy and efficient company, but dysfunction is a sneaky thing. In this program, we’ll look at the eight signs of a dysfunctional organization.

Fixing the Dysfunction

In a previous program, we talked about signs of dysfunction within a company. Maybe some of them applied to your business. In this program, we’ll walk through some ways to fix the problems and discuss how to implement new solutions.

Six Wrong Ways to Manage

We don’t normally like to focus on the negative, but in this program we will. It’s important because everyone has had to deal with at least one type of leader listed here. Whether you’re a new supervisor or not, the information is this program important to review.


According to a recent survey, 65% of Americans are unhappy with their jobs, and the leading cause of this dissatisfaction is poor management. This program on Impedership is in place to address the bad boss behaviors that these employees are dealing with.

Our view….This course is both “full on” and a little controversial in dealing with Mistakes Leaders make and the interesting concept of “Impedership” as part of our series of e-learning courses looking at Leadership. It is well worth considering this e-learning course if you have already completed our Strategic Leadership course and Motivation Course to make sure you put it all together as a “Leader” not an “Impeder”.

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