Online Motivation Training Course

motivationThis online course of 9 e-learning videos (plus how to use the ej4 to lead) lasting over 1 hour and 50 minutes delivers Motivation training.

Keeping employees motivated isn’t always easy. We all fall victim to the humdrum, going through the motions, bored to tears moments in our jobs. Wouldn’t it be great if our employees could put as much focus and enthusiasm into work as they do with their favorite sports teams, or TV shows, social media sites or hobbies?

So here’s the question for you as a leader. “Is there such a thing as an unmotivated employee?” No! Nobody is totally unmotivated.

• Using ej4 to Lead

• How to Motivate Employees
• Motivational Leadership
• Effective Delegation
• Empowering Followers
• Building an Effective Leadership Team
• Developing Followers
• Developing Yourself as a Leader
• Daily Leadership Checklist
• Putting it All Together

Our view….This course is both “full on” and surprisingly thoughtful in its dealing with Motivation as part of our series of e-learning courses looking at Leadership. It is well worth considering this e-learning course if you have already completed our leadership course.

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