Negotiating 70 20 10 Project Management

negotiating 70 20Negotiating 70 20 10 Project Management Competencies using e-learning videos and downloadable materials

In these 5 modules you will look at the competencies needed to work with others to reach accepting and beneficial agreements.

  • Use objective criteria to evaluate proposed agreements
  • Strengthen your ability to advocate for interests rather than positions
  • Stay open to various and creative solutions
  • Avoid getting personal by keeping the focus on issues, not individuals
  • Implement negotiation strategies to cope with difficult or unethical individuals

Our view…what can we say other than very useful learning materials, again practical and with purpose to improving project confidence, success and results.

Remember, Research shows that 70 to 80% of development happens on-the-job.

The Project Management modules build the skills and capabilities all project managers need to manage and oversee successful projects.

Our Project Management Competencies contains learning content for 15 of the most common competencies.

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