negotiation trainingThis course of 12 e-learning videos (plus using ej4 to lead) lasting over 1 hour and 10 minutes provide online Negotiation training.

Most people hate the negotiation process because it seems confrontational and leads to win/lose outcomes…exactly the opposite of what we want. But, a few people know that negotiation aimed at long-term win/win relationships results in more benefits for both sides. The process is even fun once you get the hang of it.

• Using ej4 to Lead
• Introduction to Negotiating
• Developing the Right Mind-set
• Using Decision Keys (Framing)
• Negotiating Styles
• Analysing the Upcoming Negotiation
• Identifying and Developing Leverage
• The Negotiation Process
• Reaching Agreement
• Evaluate Your Performance
• Adapting for DISC Styles
• Recognizing and Dealing With Strategies
• How to Work a Room

Our view….useful and above all practical and tactical e-learning modules. We can all improve our negotiation skills following this effective approach. This e-learning course is useful for improving your skills in the workplace when dealing with customers or other stakeholders or equally if you are buying yourself a new car! In addition this collection of e-learning modules will help you add “gravitas” to your dealings in meetings and more – by learning how to work a room.

In addition you may be interested on our DISC e-learning series of courses, DISC Introduction and styles and DISC for selling, but don’t worry if you are not familiar with DISC, as the DISC styles e-learning module gives you an overview of DISC styles.

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