Parts of Speech for Business Grammar

Parts of Speech for Business Grammar

The Business Grammar e-learning videos dealing with Parts of Speech helps you brush up on your grammar and writing skills for the work place. Make sure your business correspondence gets noticed for the (write, rite, right) reasons.

There are 15 videos making up over 50 minutes of e-learning, each dealing with one specific part of speech.

• Plural Nouns
• Other Nouns
• Personal Pronouns
• Reflexive and Reciprocal Pronouns
• Relative Pronouns
• Interrogative Pronouns
• Indefinite Pronouns
• Possessive Pronouns
• Regular Verbs
• Irregular Verbs
• Active/Passive Verbs
• Adjectives
• Adverbs
• Prepositions
• Conjunction

Our view…..This is good effective e-learning video content designed to improve performance in a neglected area. Don’t let your team drive your customers nuts with avoidable grammatical errors, enrol them on this course instead. This is the only e-learning course we are aware of aimed at improving grammar in the workplace. …..a big win for practicality here!

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