Percentages, Converting Fractions and Decimals

Percents, Converting Fractions and Decimals

This e-learning on Percents, Converting Fractions and Decimals is designed to help you brush up on your math skills for the work place. You can count on adding confidence to your business figures and subtracting the time it takes to relearn the process every time.

These 8 e-learning videos (plus the Introduction to Basic Maths) lasting over 27 minutes cover Percentages and Converting Fractions and Decimals.

• Introduction to Business Math
• Calculating from a Survey
• Percentiles
• Margin
• Discounts and Markup
• Growth and Loss
• Decimal to Percent and Fraction
• Percent to Decimal and Fraction
• Fraction to Decimal and Percent

Our view… another excellent example of e-learning aligned to what many businesses need: their employees to have a good understanding of mathematics. These neat little e-learning courses will certainly help do that.

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