Personal Productivity

personal productivityThese 4 e-learning videos lasting over 43 minutes cover Personal Productivity skills.

Do you know how to increase the chances of getting your voicemail returned? There are five things that you can do to maximize the chance of getting a return call.

The program also teaches you how to maximize the chance that your e-mail will be read, how to make your points simply and quickly, and how to avoid “e-mail remorse” from putting things in writing that you shouldn’t have. Check this program out before you write another e-mail!

• How to Leave Phone Messages that Get Returned
• Writing Effective e-Mails
• Personal Time Management
• Don’t Press Send


Our view….For new start employees seeking to learn about the world of work and how to acclimatize to working life in an office this is really good content. These e-learning videos would also prove useful as a reminder library for many existing employees as well, as the topics covered are so relevant to us all everyday.

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