Retail Excellence

retail excellenceThese 11 e-learning videos lasting over 2 hours and 13 minutes covers the skills needed to deliver “Retail Excellence”.

These courses will teach you the importance of the retailer profitability model, and all the different parts of that model that can impact your retailer’s profits. In addition, we’ll talk about the importance of your appearance and attitude while on the job.

• Retailer Profitability Model (RPM) Part 1
• Retailer Profitability Model (RPM) Part 2
• Retailer Profitability Model (RPM) Part 3
• Motivating and Retaining the Teenage Worker
• Looking Customer Good
• Retailer Profitability Model: Intro Frontline (Retail)
• Retailer Profitability Model: Intro Frontline (Restaurant)
• Retailer Profitability Model: Frequency
• Retailer Profitability Model: Reach
• Retailer Profitability Model: Items Per Customer
• Retailer Profitability Model: Price Per Item

Our view….This collection of 11 videos looks at retail from several perspectives. There are some absolute gems in this selection of e-learning videos, Yes, this is US focused, but the principles of retailing are the same worldwide, and by common consent the Americans are amongst the world’s best retailers. The importance of keeping your staff motivated by providing understanding is an excellent principle and with clear and impassioned presentations these videos will motivate by informing your retail employees.

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