Sales Target Assurance Planning

sales target assuranceThis course includes a 12 month webinar coaching programme, online implementation tools and expert support provided through Virtual Coach

This course is for Sales Target Assurance Plan and will demonstrate the process of setting up a Sales Target Assurance Plan (STAP).

The STAP is used to ensure that you meet your sales target using a proven system of target analysis and setting Goals, Objectives, Strategies Plans and Actions

It has been developed, tried, tested and proven over 25 years and will guarantee your sales targets are met. Most organisations will go through some form of forecasting to set sales targets for a financial year. However, very few will actual have a robust method to identify where their business will come from and what needs to be done to ensure that a sales target is hit.

This is exactly what Sales Target Assurance Planning (STAP) system does. It provides a way of setting targets, and identifying where business needs to come from and how much is actually required to ensure success. It then provides a methodology of setting goals, objectives, strategies, plans and actions to ensure your sales target is met.

Our view…….this is different, imaginative and very effective e-learning. Virtual Coach have captured the internationally renowned sales and negotiation training professional Alan McCarthy and built a really effective detailed training course around his knowledge and expertise.

This is taking learning and making it happen in the truest sense, with 13 exercises required to be completed to pass this course, which is at level 4 learning. There are clear step by step processes captured to illustrate how to build a Sales Target Plan with the required assurance for the sales professional to hit targets.

These processes are followed in the workbook and a robust Sales Target Assurance Plan will be completed. This is an imaginative blended learning course with learners having to undertake real activities. Assessment is provided in detail and 12 months on going support is offered in the Virtual Coach portal.

This is unique, imaginative, engaging and incredibly effective learning.

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