Selling in the 21st century

selling 21st centuryFor Selling in the 21st Century, these 11 e-learning videos discuss how sales have changed in recent years and how to understand the characteristics of a sale.

This set of videos lasts over 1 hour and 10 minutes.

The modules look at new skills needed, the sales funnel, how customers want to be sold to, exceptional service, the sales cycle line, analytics and metrics and product knowledge.

In this program we are going to talk in depth about the old sales skills and how these new sales skills rely on the emotional approach. These new sales skills are going to seem counter-intuitive to what you are used to as a sales person. Try to keep an open mind.

The customer service department is the direct link to your customers. You want to make sure this department is offering your customers the highest quality service. Customer service is as important as strategic planning and marketing communications. You should be utilizing customer service to help you determine what your customers may want in the future.

These courses form part of the sales territory development series.

Our view….. if you are serious about updating your selling skills, or setting on a career path in sales, this is a powerful, US-built course that has impact. 

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