Selling Skills and Overcoming Objections

selling-skillsThese 13 e-learning videos lasting over 1 hour and 40 minutes cover selling skills and overcoming objections during the sales process.

Selling means connecting your products and services to the needs of your customer … and thinking like your customer. Learn powerful skills to show customers how they can profitably use your products.


This course includes the following topics:

• QuickSell
• Closing the Sale
• No, But, If
• Determining Customer Needs
• Handling Tough Customers
• Selling in New Products
• Customer Service Basics
• Selling To Different Customer Roles
• Turning Features into Benefits
• Misunderstanding
• Doubt
• Indifference
• True Negative

Our view… This collection of videos looks at selling with an emphasis on selling to retailers. It also covers dealing with selling objections. This is good content following the sound principles of just enough and just in time from some real selling experts.

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