Online SharePoint Training Course

sharepoint trainingAre you looking for an online Microsoft SharePoint training course that will help you to become proficient in a short space of time? We select the best e-learning courses for MS Office packages and a wide range of other skills, and this video based software training from ej4 is excellent.

Course Title: Intro to SharePoint

These e-learning videos are designed to get you quickly familiar with SharePoint. There are 7 succinct videos that will give you the skills you need to use SharePoint, which is a very powerful collaborative environment for organisations.

So if you are new to SharePoint this is good way of skilling up, or indeed you want to see what the software does why not look the training over, its good and you will get a good idea of SharePoint capabilities. The e-learning is particularly detailed on managing documents in SharePoint, including pictures (a growing challenge to many organisations) and how the software can help in searching and finding all these digital assets.

Our view

SharePoint is widely used, but not as widely understood, and these friendly, informative, tutor led e-learning videos really take you inside the software and can help you maximise the benefits for yourself and your colleagues, making the dream of collaborative working real.

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