Team Building

online team building courseThis online team building training course is a 6-part video series that highlights the essentials of teamwork, what makes effective team members, and much more.

Team Building: Why do some teams go right to the top while others fall flat?

What specific characteristics make up a winning team?



What is Teambuilding? (7:03)
Every day in some way you are part of a team. Even though we’re continually involved with teams, it’s hard to explain what makes a winning team. In this course we’ll talk about what makes a great team and how we can use this in our own work teams.

Team Development Characteristics (5:52)
When a team is formed, people’s roles and interactions have not yet been determined. There are several models that describe how team development progresses, and the most popular one is called the Tuckman Model. This model is generally accepted as the basic standard for team development and we’ll discuss it in this course.

Types of Teams (5:19)
What makes an effective team? An article from the Harvard Business Review suggests that teams fall into three categories. We take that a step further and discuss six different types of teams.

Defining Roles (7:00)
Without a clear purpose, you and your team will not be able to accomplish anything. In this course we’ll discuss ground rules, roles, and responsibilities.

Effective Team Members (8:02)
It is important to know what characteristics make a good team member. Knowing this information can help you choose your team wisely but it can also help you become an even more effective member of your team. This course will cover the interpersonal nature of being an effective team member.

Teamwork in Critical Situations (9:08)
How often are you and your team faced with critical or unexpected situations? What do we even mean by critical? In this course we’ll discuss what a crisis is and how to handle them.

Our view: ……. A comprehensive and punchy course to introduce broad concepts and principles for effective team working and development, suitable for new and intermediate team leaders and managers. The chapter on teamwork in critical situations is particularly valuable and many could reflect on this in their own environment. 

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