Telephone Techniques

telephone techniquesThese 6 e-learning videos lasting 20 minutes cover telephone techniques: Greetings, Taking Calls, Hold Please, Taking Messages, Handling Angry Callers and Phone Etiquette.

Quite frankly, the telephone is the number one line of communication with unhappy customers and therefore we need to make sure that we handle it correctly. And the first thing that has to happen with the phone is to…answer it.

Occasionally, when you answer your phone the person on the other end might be a little, well, ANGRY! Some of you might even have a customer or instance in your mind of someone being less than cordial with you. If so, this program will tell you how to handle these less than perfect calls.

      • Greetings (2:46)

In this series of short videos, we’re going to cover the basics of using the phone in a business setting.

      • Taking Calls (3:15)

Taking a phone call obviously isn’t rocket science, but we can all pick up some bad habits. Here are some tips to taking a phone call.

      • Hold Please (2:00)

We want to communicate to the person who’s calling us that they’re the most important thing. However, when we have to put them on hold, it says exactly the opposite. In this program you can learn some techniques that makes it easier for the caller when they’re placed on hold.

      • Taking Messages (3:06)

If answering the phone is a part of your daily duties, then you take a lot of messages. Here are two things that will help you: creating a plan and collecting information.

      • Handling Angry Callers (3:02)

Dealing with angry callers can be a burdensome part of your job. While these situations may be difficult or even unpleasant for you, they’re great opportunities to change these unhappy callers into satisfied customers. Here are some tips that will help you turn the unhappy into happy.

      • Phone Etiquette (3:07)

Have you ever called a business, and it was impossible to connect with a human being? You went through prompt after prompt, hit the pound key a dozen times, and never actually talked to a person. It’s time to learn about good business phone etiquette.

Our View….. The telephone is one of the most important elements of our business and how we answer telephone calls can be so important. These modules will certainly improve the professionalism of your business when on the phone, with some very good hints and tips. 

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