The Business Game + Advanced game + Free business elearning

the business gameThis is our Business Game Bundle. It contains The Business Game, The Business Game Advanced, and some free supporting materials. By buying the games in this bundle, you save £15 compared to buying them individually

The Business Game Advanced is an updated and more challenging version of The Business Game, which you can find in our course store. It’s perfect if you’re already familar with key business concepts, or if you have finished The Business Game and are looking for the next challenge.

The Business Game is an exciting and engaging business simulation in which the learner plays the role of an entrepreneur who has just been given £1m.

Your challenge is to use this £1m to start a successful business and make a profit.

You must make many decisions during the game which will impact your business’ profit, market share, cash flow etc. You choose a product to sell, how to distribute it, and how to market it.

The game is a highly effective way of ensuring a deep understanding of fundamental business concepts. By giving you the control of your virtual business’s outcome, you learn fundamental business concepts through experience, and have fun whilst doing it.

It is ideal if you are looking to start working in a business; are a tradesperson, creative or entrepreneur who would like to know more about business basics, or if you are a senior manager who would like your workforce to understand what drives your business.

The five stages of the game are as follows

1.      -Introduction to the scenario and learning the interface

2.      -Review your market research and select your product quality variables

3.      -Decide your marketing strategy

4.      -Choose your sales strategy and prepare to trade

5.      -Complete three years of trading

In addition to The Business Game and The Business Game Advanced, when you purchase this course you get 5 free units of elearning which introduce

–          Marketing

–          Business Finance

–          Customers

–          Management

–          Ethics and Policy on Business

These units use interactive materials, videos and quizzes to introduce you to core business concepts. They make the perfect companion and introduction to The Business Game.

You can also download a free Android glossary app:

Upon completion you will receive a Learning Light certificate.

The course costs £50 – save £15 compared to buying the games individually!

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