Transformational Leadership

transformational leadershipThese 3 e-learning videos (plus using ej4 to lead) lasting just over 38 minutes cover Transformational Leadership.

Welcome to our program on Transforming the Organization starting with Transformational Leadership. You know, there’s an old line about getting things done: “There are three kinds of people in this world. One makes things happen. One watches things happen. And one sits around going, ‘What happened?'”. So the question is, which one are you? Watch this course to learn more about transforming your organization.

• Using ej4 to Lead
• Transforming the Organization
• Dealing with Resistance
• Creating Focus During Change

Our view….This e-learning course is very good in taking Leadership on to the next level. If you have already taken the Mistakes Leaders Make and Strategic Leadership, It is well worth considering this e-learning course as it is the Transformational one!


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