Advanced Negotiation Techniques

advanced negotiation techniquesThis course includes a 12 month webinar coaching programme, online implementation tools and expert support provided through Virtual Coach.

When looking at negotiation you need more than just a quick mind, you also need to understand your Wants and Needs and what questions are important when you make contact with the other party.

Advanced Negotiation provides a structured framework to plan for negotiation and create sound proposals using the ‘Jellyfish’ model which ensure that you will ALWAYS resolve conflict with a Win-Win outcome.

This Advanced Negotiation course provides 17 step-by-step video tutorials covering the Negotiation Mantras, Alternatives to Negotiation, Building a 10 Point Plan and building proposals using the ‘Jellyfish’ model and includes explanatory text for each one.

Our view…compelling presentations from a real training professional who understands the issues sales people face when negotiating. Alan McCarthy is presented in a series of video clips taking you through a logical and proven approach to advanced negotiations. The workbook provides the opportunity for you the learner to put this learning into context and quite possibly practise very soon. With 14 exercises based on the learning this is a great course.

This is unique, imaginative, engaging and incredibly effective learning. Production values are not perfect, but passion and professionalism wins through making this engaging and effective real learning.

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